What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

What Are
The Benefits
Of Mediation?


By taking the step to mediate, you are empowering yourself to make your own decisions.

Cost Effective

Mediation is significantly more cost effective than legal proceedings. Legal Aid can be discussed at referral stage.

Time Efficicent

Generally it is much quicker than going to court and helps you to communicate and co-operate to reach your own agreement.

Family Focused

Attending mediation means your children’s future is being planned by the people who know them best – you, rather than a court. In particular it can help your children maintain their family relationships.


Mediation improves communication and helps you build for the future in your new circumstances. This is done by talking through and working out all issues surrounding your divorce or separation, whether it be before, during or after the event.


Mediation provide a safe space where all parties will be heard. Generally, it is confidential, unless someone is at risk of harm or has infringed the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Your Decision

Mediation is not a place where you will be told what to do, YOU know your family best and you will decide what is best by exploring all the options with the support of the mediator.

Future Focused

Mediation is future focused, and the process supports you to look ahead and be able to move foward.