What Is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is an independent, impartial professional service. A trained mediator will help facilitate all parties to work out an agreement. Mediation is recognised as an effective alternative to resolving disputes. The courts will expect you to have considered mediation before hearing your case. Mediation is voluntary and all parties need to be willing to particpate and be open and honest.

Why Do People Choose Mediation?

Separation Disputes

Many couples who have made the decision to separate or divorce may be unable to agree on certain matters including arrangements for the children, all finances matters and property.

Resolving Conflicts

Family mediation is a confidential and impartial process where the mediator helps the parties involved in family breakdown resolve disputes and conflict.

Avoid The Courts

Mediation saves time, money and enables decisions to be made without having to go through the courts. It is a quicker and less costly way of resolving disputes and enables people to work through their concerns in a neutral and safe environment.

Stay In Control

Mediation can help you stay in control. It supports you to make the decisions. The mediator will help you explore solutions which work for you all and explain how you can make an agreement legally binding.

Who Is Mediation For?


Couples who are separating, whether married, in civil partnerships, or cohabiting, and need help resolving issues with...


Property, pensions, maintenance etc.


Mutual agreement on living and contact arrangements for the children of the family.

Family mediation can also help in the following situations:

Already Seperated

Do you need to discuss contact arrangements or revisit an existing agreement?

Extended Family

Resolving relationships between in-laws, siblings, and other relatives. Setting boundaries and agreeing parenting plans in newly extended families.